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If you’re interested in Magick it is worth listening to this podcast right the way through.

Each section builds on the others. In the first part Daniel lays out  a very broad definition of Magick, in the second section there is  a discussion of the uses of Magick and how  Daniel got into it as what he describes as an inevitable part of his meditation practice and in the third he goes into suggestions for  those who want to start out along the Magickal path

Listening to Daniel talk about Magick here has given me a very different sense of the thing. Of how all-inclusive it is and how it can be used as a way of emphasizing the practice of living intentionally and getting more positive results from life

Books Mentioned In the Podcast

Dean Radin: Real Magic, Entangled Minds, Supernormal

Sharon Salzburg: Loving Kindness the Revolutionary Art of Happiness

Jen Sincero: You are a Badass

Alan Chapman: Advanced Magic for Beginners

The Quality of Light Christopher Kenworthy.

This book is now out of print. The ISBN number is 1-85242-656-X

Lynne McTaggart: The intention Experiment. The Power of Eight

Rupert Sheldrake: The Sense of Being Stared at

Charles Tart: The end of Materialism. How Evidence of the Paranormal is bringing science and spirit together

Gary Zukav: The Dancing Wu Li Masters

Gordon White: Rune Soup. Website, podcasts books and other stuff

Lionel Snell My Years of Magical thinking

Recommended reading about Chaos Magick

Phil Hine: Condensed Chaos:  An introduction to Chaos Magic

Peter Carroll: Liber Null and Psychonaut:  An introduction to Chaos Magic

Ray Sherwin: The Book of Results

Some stuff about Daniel

If you want to know more about Daniel check out his book

Mastering the Core Tjeachings of the Buddha. An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book. Its available free online or to purchase from Amazon

Also, he has three websites


Part 1

Intro then Daniel starts to explain what Magick is

4.50 mins) ‘Magick is anytime you have the intersection of consciousness and intent’ and some sort of emotive force of energy that drives that and has an idea of what I want’

5.45 mins) ‘If you haven’t taken things to the level where everything is Magick then you probably haven’t spent much time playing around with or thinking about Magick’

Daniel divides Magick   into ordinary and non-ordinary Magick

12.28 mins) Past life magic/ rebirth experience

13.28 mins) White magic vs grey magic vs black magic

17.05 mins) Daniel defines consciousness      and ……..20.40 mins) intent

25.08 mins) Daniel mentions being very influenced by the teachings of Chaos Magick

27.08 mins) Magick is about the meanings of things

“Magick is an extremely aesthetic practice”

32.10 mins) Plenty of mainstream religious views are actually Magickal’ Daniel starts talking magic in religion

33.44 mins) D talks about using magic to manifest stuff and about black magic: ‘all of us are all the time doing black magic in some ways

35.48 mins) D talks about magic and power: ‘as you go towards the top people become more interested in Magick’

40 mins) On the importance of ethics in magic, and grey magic: ‘we are all constantly manipulating everyone we come into contact with… which is grey Magick We are making ethical choices all day long’

Part Two

Intro: I ask if people can make weird stuff happen like making buildings appear divination etc

8.52 mins) I ask D why we should bother to practice Magick

10.22 mins) ‘At a certain point in my meditation practice Magick was unavoidable. I didn’t get into meditation thinking I was going to get into magic though

12.30 mins) D talks about his own Magickal practices

25.30 mins) D talks about Magick Magick and coronavirus

35.03 mins) On gardening, family and technology as Magick and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

41.50 mins) On the ethics of turning people into toads

43.54 mins) on his own Magickal experiences

Part Three

Daniel makes some suggestions for where to start on the Magickal Path

4.07 mins) Magic is not only about looking out there, it’s very much about looking in here

4.18 mins) ‘Learning the skills of deep intuitive listening are a critical part of the Magickal path’

10.28 mins) Daniel defines spell casting

16.45 mins) Daniel discusses the ‘sage vs mage debate’ Whether to become a peaceful renunciate or to change the world as a Bodhisattva

23.41 mins) D talks about the use of magical instruments such as magic wands

43.49 mins) We start talking about catholic Magic

52.23 mins) D talks about the science, or lack of it, of Magick

1..02.26) The need for concentration in Magick

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