Decisions with Marc Buehner

Biog for Professor Buenher.

Marc says of himself ‘I’m a professor of cognitive psychology. I’ve been
educated in Germany, the USA and the UK.  I knew I wanted to be a
psychologist in my late teens, though I didn’t really know what psychology
really meant until much later.  I began my studies in Germany and then
spent one year at UCLA in California — that was quite a culture shock from
small town Bavaria into Los Angeles! I then returned to Germany to finish up my
degree, and had a brief stint of working at the Technical University in
Chemnitz (better known as the former Karl Marx Stadt) before relocating to the
UK where I did my PhD in Sheffield.

I’ve been in Cardiff since 2002 and have done research mostly on how people
learn about and understand causal relationships, and how our understanding of
causality interacts with our perceptions of time.  I’ve always had an
interest in Decision Making, and so when I had the opportunity to develop a
final year module on it, I jumped at the opportunity and love teaching it.

Marc’s Book Recommendations

Dan Ariely: ‘Predictably irrational’ and ‘The upside of irrationality’

Sheena Iyengar: ‘The Art of Choosing’

And for a more academic text, ‘Straight Choices. The Psychology of Decision Making’ by Newell, Lagnado and

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